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World super-childrens

Hanson United States
Cole si Dylan Sprouse United States
Justin Bieber United States
Cody Simpson Australia/US
Greyson Michael Chance United States
Paul Butcher
Jordan Jansen Australia
Jal Joshua Lebumfacil Filipine
Billy Gilman United States
Gizonband Belgium
Ian Thomas Belgium
Jacob Guay Canada
2Boys Norway
Bars and Melody United Kingdom
Alexandru Gros Grindvoll Norway
Ronan Parke United Kingdom
Connie Talbot United Kingdom
Leo Rispal France
Matthew David Morris United States
Manuel Ríos Fernández Spain
David Parejo
Liam McNally United States
Guilherme Vieira Pinto Brasil
Jaden Smith United States
Kids United France
Parchis Spain
Les Poppys France
Tick Tock Puerto Rico
Grupo Chamakos Dominican Republic
Keven y Hensy Dominican Republic
Kikx Belgium
De Buddy Netherlands
Christian Beadles Canada
4 Elements United States
Isac Elliot
Dream Street United States
March4th United States
Avery Molek United States
The Wee Amigos Irish
Carson Lueders United States
Shane Treloar United States
The Jives Japan, United States, Greece
Robbie Klay Africa de Sud
The Pinsons Belgium
Loic Van Hoydonck Switzerland
Robin Packalen Finland
Puhuva Kone Finland
Andrey Kunets Belarus
Dima Borodin United States
Ulrik Munther Sweden
Rebecca Janson Sweden
Tobias Adler Germany
Thor Salden Belgium
Meik Gawlik (MikeBoyMaster) Germany
Marco Konegger Autriche
Duri Krasniqi Autriche
Dzintars Cica Latvia
Reggae Boyz Sweden
Seongha Jeong South Korea
Brandon Niederauer
Mateo Ravlija Croatia
Noni Razvan Ene Romania
X-Plod Romania
Phenomenon Romania
Amicii Romania
Stefan Roscovan Moldavia
Pierugo France
Nikolas Mrak Serbia-Germany
Aladin Nadarevic Serbia-Germany
Hayden Summerall United States
Johnny Orlando United States

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And now, everyone has their own production studio !!!

Web sites and online profiles

Official website - everyone in the age of information revolution can make a site. Especially a public celebrity, regardless of their particular domains.

Teen Idols 4 You - a huge collection of artists, movie stars and music, all children and adolescents with special performances internationally recognized. He specializes more on images from the life of young talent. Even if the artists have meanwhile become mature people, they are present on the teen idols, images of childhood and adolescence, with performances since then. The great disadvantage is that the site contains profiles of artists who in their childhood TeenIdols time there. Ex. Robbie Klay, Tick Tock, Buddy etc die.

HI5 - one of the first social networking sites, international, specialized on publishing the photo albums. Lately offers users free online.

Boy Choir & Soloist - site that promotes young talents: musician, film actors.

YouTube - "Now everyone has their production studio" in contrast to the "Video kill the radio star", when at that time to create a video was a real adventure, the studio had a specialized, expensive equipment , large investments, now, anyone can shoot and produce a home video, video camera technologies are within reach of all. Especially children and adolescents probrii publish their creations, video, youtube. Youtube is the biggest public video website in the world.

FaceBook - the largest social networking site, which competes with Google in number of visitors. Social interaction through various specialized software applications.

Twitter - social networking site, Facebook became popular as a site, it's a blog Chat, short messages published by the author of daily habit.

International and regional music festivals for children and juniors

Junior Eurovision - derived from adult's Eurovision under the aegis of the European Broadcasting Union - is a European music festival for children aged between 9 and 15/16
Melody Junior Grand Prix - derived from adult Melody Grand Prix - is a regional festival northern European countries: Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden.

Avoid the great European powers to organize national junior selection, citing lack of public interest. But there are other reasons, such as Spain in recent years refused to participate because children appear on stage dressed very briefly. Nordic countries started in 2002 MGP Nordic Junior Eurovision before, then went to JESC in 2003, then continued with MGP Nordic 2006 on the grounds that the policy makes the festival EBU look too adult. Norse wanted the festival to be "very childish, do not resemble the adult competition.

Junior Eurovision, although international festivals started after the other children, took a more inflenta between European countries, as old tradition of Eurovision adutilor. The 2007 edition of the Rotterdam to cast even a movie, Sound Like Teen Spirit, a film that follows some of the contestants in particular Belgium, Bulgaria, Georgia and Cyprus, but the competition aims behind the scenes, behind the scenes, and especially recall powerful influence that can have an international competition for a child, for many of supercopii Junior Eurovision has changed my life, turned children into stars, he has focused his career. Also the film follows the contrast between rich and poor children of war and peace - see global conflicts that have ravaged Europe over time.

Lilla Melodifestivalen - derived from adult's Melodifestivalen - the Swedish national music festival for children. Winners are sent to Melody Grand Prix Nordic Junior or Junior Eurovision

Melody Norway Junior Grand Prix - derived from adult Melody Grand Prix Norway - Norway is a national festival for children. Winners are sent to Melody Grand Prix Nordic Junior or Junior Eurovision

New Wave Junior - derived from adult New Wave - is an international music festival for children, which brings together competitors from all continents. New Wave takes place annually in Jurmala (Dzintara) Latvia. New Wave was founded by Russian composer and pianist Igor Krutoy Latvian composer Raimonds Pauls and in 2002 and then improved by the famous Russian superstar Alla Pugacheva and is larger than the Junior Eurovision Coverage since receiving players from all over the world.

Slavianski Vitebsk Belarus Junior Bazaar - derived from Vitebsk Bazaar Slavianski for adults - is an arts and music festival for children which covers the former CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States, and countries in Eastern Europe such as Romania. Belarus has a tradition in terms of musical competitions for children, its competitors have won two times Junior Eurovision. But Russia does not let outdone, won an edition in 2006, and was close to winning and JESC2010 at one point difference from Armenia.

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