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Teen movies

Sounds Like Teen Spirit (Sounds Like Teen Spirit)
European production, UK, 2008. A documentary about Junior Eurovision song contest, the focusing of the 2007 Rotterdam edition.

Never Say Never (Never Say Never)
American Production, 2011 Documentary about Justin Bieber, the adolescent what conquered teen girls of the Western world and beyond.The film follows his stage successes, especially his concert at Madison Square Garden.

No Meio Da Rua (In the Middle of Street)
Brazilian Production, the film is released in the June 23, 2006. Is the story of Friendship of two children: Leonardo, son of a rich family, and Kiko, the street child

Pixote: A Lei do Mais Fraco (Pixote: The Law of the Weakest)
Brazilian production, released in 1981, May 5 (U.S.) and May 5, 1982 in Europe (France); the film is nominated in 1982 for Golden Globe - the Best Foreign Film category.Production focuses on the lifestyle of street children in an industrial suburb of Sao Paulo city, all the characters in the movie children from poor families, the main character Pixote is played by Fernando Ramos da Silva, the actor who later strongly influenced by how life in the film, would cost him his life. His death made another film, Who Killed Pixote.Te movie was not going to win the Golden Globe, because from unhappy childhood can not create quality.

Quem Matou Pixote ? (Who Killed Pixote?)
Brazil, 1996, is based on a true story, about life of the actor Fernando Ramos da Silva, the main character in "Pixote: A Lei do mais fraco." Fernando is the victim of unhappy childhood, the film which he was the main character, and who has won fame, has seriously affected his later life; the intervention of an exceptional event of world importance in the life of an unhappy child will have tragic consequences later, when the child tries to become adolescent or adult. The film clearly outlines how the character struggles with the horrors of the past, difficult childhood "pull of you" when you start to grow up, a sign that the director clearly understood the consequences of a disastrous childhood, they are lacking the most basic things necessary social survival.

Si ti voglio bene (Love Conquers All)
Italian production, 1994, disturbing story of the family. about love;

Home Alone 1 (Home Alone 1)
American Production, 1990, describes the adventures of Kevin and the war led him to defend the house from thieves. Very normal situation to 1990s America, but totally unusual for countries in Eastern Europe.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (Home Alone 2: Lost in New York)
Production USA, November 1992. Continuing adventures and the adventures of Kevin in Home Alone 1 this time in New York City.

Home Alone 3 (Home Alone 3)
U.S. production in 1997, continuing ideology of Home Alone 1 and 2, this time the main character is Alex Pruit, the action takes place in Chicago, the boy helps police catch a group of North Korean terrorists.

Home Alone 4 (Home Alone 4)
U.S. Production in 2002. Kevin's Christmas adventures, the child of family.

Home Alone: The Holiday Heist (Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist)
US Production 2012. Finn Baxter and his family are moving to California. He suspects that the house is haunted by ghosts, and puts traps for them; When he is alone, is visited by three thieves, that falling into his traps.

My Girl - first kiss (My Girl - first kiss)
USA Production 1991. Vada Sultenfuss is a girl obsessed with death. Her mother died, her father runs a funeral parlor. She is also in love with her English language teacher. Thomas J. is her best friend, trying her first kiss. Eventually, Thomas dies, being allergic to anything, is attacked by a bee nest.

Bridge to Terabithia (Bridge to Terabithia)
USA 2007. Jesse Aarons has been training all summer to become the fastest runner in school, so he's upset when a girl Leslie Burke overcame him and everyone else. Then the two become good friends, even in love, and together they create Teabithia a fantasy world. But to the end, Leslie Burke dies drowned, symbolically the Empress of Terabitia becomes Jesse's sister.

The Space Between Us (The Space Between Us)
Production USA 2017. A fantastic love story between two teens born on different planets: Gardner Elliot's first baby born on Mars, and Tulsa, a Colorado girl. When Gardner has the chance to go to Earth, the medics and scientists discover that his internal organs do not support the earth's atmosphere. However, the teenager escapes from NASA buildings to meet his only partner on Earth. The two live a few days of unusual adventures, from the nights spent on the seashore to the love in imponderability. Towards the end, Tulsa begin the training to travel to Mars.

Paper Planes (Paper Planes)
Australia 2014. A disturbing story about the inability of adults to fight their age and inferiority to children's supremacy. After the death of his mother, Jack, father, is devastated by pain and hopelessly losing his job. Dylan tries to relieve his father's suffering. His passions include the production of paper planes; He wins national competition in Australia and the international one in Japan. Jack gets helpless in front of his child, and asks him not to leave him. Dylan, in the flower of childhood, promises to his father that he will take care of him. The story ends frightening.

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